About Sherry Anne Lear Attorney at Law

With 20 years of experience and success, Sherry Anne Lear Attorney At Law of Torrance, CA. Our law office specializes in auto, motorcycle or bus accidents as well as slip and fall and pedestrian injury cases. We know that it is hard to find for the right representation but we will make it better for you because we are passionate about each case and we make sure that every legal advice is based on facts and what is best for you.

The Law Office of Sherry Anne Lear represents those who have been injured. If you have been injured, or a loved one has been injured, it is important to act quickly. Cases can be won or lost on fleeting evidence. Moreover, there are strict legal deadlines for bringing personal injury claims. Unfortunately, delay benefits the insurance company, not you.

Whether you have been injured by something as small as an a fender-bender, all the way to something as serious as the gross negligence of another, we know that when you are injured in an accident it can be a scary time. Nothing is as important as your health, and having to understand doctors, medical bills and insurance companies is the last thing that you should be worrying about when you’re healing. We have a very successful history of managing all of these factors and achieving maximum results for our clients in all types of personal injury matters.